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PostgreSQL GSoC 2018 ideas

Recently Stephen Frost called in pgsql-hackers@ mailing list for PostgreSQL-related ideas for Google Summer of Code 2018. I proposed a few ideas and offered to be a possible mentor for corresponding projects. In this post I would like to share a brief description of these projects (copied from PostgreSQL Wiki …

pg_protobuf: Protobuf support for PostgreSQL

Yesterday I had a few spare hours (I was waiting for 'Star Wars VIII' movie session, which BTW turned out to be great) so I decided to implement one idea I had in mind for quite some time. The idea is to add support of Protobuf datatype to PostgreSQL.

The …

Data Recovery Using pg_filedump (Slides)

I would like to share the slides for a talk I gave last week at [PgDay 2017][pgday]:

Download: [pg-filedump-pgday2017.pdf (193K)][dwnl] PgDay is an annual conference hosted by [DataEgret][de] in Saint Petersburg. The conference is dedicated not only to PostgreSQL, but also MySQL, NoSQL solutions, commertical DBMSes …

What's new in ZSON v1.1?

ZSON v1.1 was released recently. Changes since v1.0:

  • Bugfix: the zson_dict table used to be excluded from backups created via pg_dump utility (see a0d4201e and e176165b). Reported by Pavel Luzanov;
  • Bugfix: make installcheck used to fail on MacOS (see b3a70915). Reported by Oleg Bartunov;
  • Grammar corrections in the …