PGCon 2018: Slides and Photos

At PGCon 2018 that took place last week (29.05-01.06) my colleague Anastasia and I gave a talk "Growing up new PostgreSQL developers: On teaching students, team leading, project management and stuff". Here are the slides:

Download: growing-up-new-postgresql-developers-pgcon-2018.pdf (517K)

Other talks presented by colleagues of mine:

The last talk was actually submitted by Arseny Sher. Unfortunately Arseny couldn't attend the conference this time thus Anastasia replaced him.

As always, I would like to share a few random photos I took while being in Ottawa:

PGCon 2018: Photo 1 of 5 PGCon 2018: Photo 2 of 5 PGCon 2018: Photo 3 of 5 PGCon 2018: Photo 4 of 5 PGCon 2018: Photo 5 of 5

This was my second PGCon. What I can't understand is how Canadians managed to build such a great society. It's just as if one day everyone gathered and agreed "let's do right things and don't do wrong things" and prospered ever after. Canada is most beautiful and peaceful place I know and I wish I could visit this country more often!