GCC: How To Suppress a Warning in a Single Line of Code

TIL that GCC allows to suppress a given type of warnings in a single line of code. Here is an example:

InMemoryStorage::InMemoryStorage() {
    if(pthread_rwlock_init(&_rwlock, NULL) != 0)
        throw std::runtime_error("pthread_rwlock_init() failed");

InMemoryStorage::~InMemoryStorage() {
    if(pthread_rwlock_destroy(&_rwlock) != 0) {
        // suppress 'throw will always call terminate() [-Wterminate]'
        #pragma GCC diagnostic push
        #pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wterminate"
        throw std::runtime_error("pthread_rwlock_destroy() failed");
        #pragma GCC diagnostic pop

I think that using this feature was justified in this specific case. Thank you, GCC, for warning me that throwing an exception in a destructor will cause a program to terminate. However, it still looks like something I want. If pthread_rwlock_destroy fails, it means that something is most likely to be very wrong (memory corruption or something like this).